Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Is a Revolutionary new healing aid based on Essex based E.F.T.Linda proceeds to quote EFT founder Gary Craig, The major cause of all negative emotions is in break in the body’s energy system. This edition of acupuncture without needles is determined by tapping the Energy Meridians end points, a system discovered by Chinese Medicine greater than 5! Whilst vital to talk of and tune into the event that is disruptive or embarrassing. She tells us at 1994, EFT founder Gary Craig and his partner Adrienne Fowlie were encouraged by the U.S. Veterans Administration in LA to spend with Craig treatment to help deal with a bunch of veterans from the Vietnam War. 

These men suffered from the traumas they’d undergone over twenty years. Rich had functioned as a warrant officer in Cambodia. Hehad experienced therapy for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and’d been released from the service in 1975. His symptoms included a height phobia which was induced by the 50 parachute jumps he’d made while. He would feel uncomfortable on reaching the shopping mall’s floor and was afraid to use elevators. Remarkably his phobia disappeared after one 15 minute tapping session with Gary Craig. Craig made a video recording of the work with the Vets’. The movie shows Rich standing at the top of this Administration building and waving over this fire escape to his buddies below without feeling in hint of his old fear. 

A truly remarkable outcome which hadn’t been matched by his sixteen decades of therapy. Yes, he had been taught how to use EFT and although his scepticism tapped on his fearsome memories till they all disappeared. What is more, Gary Craig reassured the public that such remarkable remedies were usually permanent. In Rich’s case they checked back two months later and all had been still well. He knew that if anything should resurface he now had at his possession An awesome tool that he could use to heal himself without resorting to any invasive medication. Everyone may get a result with it following a brief course of instruction. Linda Anderson heard about it remarkable treatment, first developed in the United States, and was keen to learn more. She’s now a qualified EFT practitioner and offered help like this at Saffron Walden, Essex, U.K. EFT has been utilized to surprising effect on in very wide range of issues like fears, phobias, anger, grief, nervousness, depression, traumatic memories, Posttraumatic stress disorder, physical pains, allergies, addictions and cravings, worry, guilt and all limiting emotions at sports, business and this performing arts.